Part 1

The Russian Revolution

Part 2

The German Revolution

Part 3

Holodomor - Death by Famine

Part 4

Return of Their King

Part 5

The Spanish Revolution

Part 6

The Mexican Revolution

Part 7

Freemasonry and the Occult

Part 8

The Luciferian Doctrine Explained

Part 9

The Boer War

Part 10

The Seeds Of The Holy War

Part 11

The Irish Revolution

Part 12

The Spanish Armada & The Occult

Part 13

The Last Holy War

Part 14

The Satanic British Talmudic Empire

Part 15

The Mystery of Stalin and the Masonic Agenda

Part 16

The Masonic Subversion of the Catholic Church

Part 17

Return of the Bolsheviks

Part 18

Who Really Started World War Two

Part 19

Why did the NS leadership believe Jesus was not Jewish?

Part 20

Sources and Discoveries